Hello, Everybody.

I’m Simone Craig.

I am a champion for women driven to build—business, wealth, and legacy. It’s my job to demystify the options and opportunities that generational wealth affords and deliver a way out of cash chaos, wasted wages, and lost freedom

If you need a Capital Building Strategist/Financial Expert that will show you how to relax into financial abundance, I’m your woman.  

I specialize in financial management and abundance mindset which is a blend of accounting, investment strategy, tax preparation, and even a little bit of traffic cop. I wrap it in the soothing sounds of coaching/cheerleading/consulting and higher-plane thinking. 

Sovereignty is in the Sauce.

What Can You Achieve with These Growth Hacks?

Work 1:1

Recommend, handhold, cheerlead, in that order. Worthiness and value are not attached to skillset or spreadsheets, they are beliefs in one’s self and expectations that you will do whatever it takes to create the wealth you want for your family and the people/causes you care about. 💫Want to build —business, wealth, and legacy? Book a wealth strategy call with SLC Global.

Attend Abundance School for Generational Wealth 

Ambitious women entrepreneurs who are ready to achieve their next level of success and wealth, go to the head of the class! Make more money, save more money, and create wealth, all together now. 💫Want to be the wealthy, free woman you were born to be? Get with the [group] program. Visit our virtual campus

Get Your Profits On Point

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy options...and options make us happy. Being profitable solves a bunch of challenges—like being able to get paid yourself, and paid well. (Or, at the very least, knowing what to pay yourself.) Intelligently plan for where your business is going and define your future. 💫Want to make informed business decisions quickly and get clear on planning? Book a profit strategy call with SLC Global.

"Working with Simone has been absolutely life changing. She has helped me move past old money mindsets while teaching me new strategies for not only making money, but saving it, as well. In my first year of working with Simone, I saw a 50% increase in my income. That’s HUGE! Since then, I’ve grown my business by the 10’s of thousands each month. Thank you Simone for sharing your wisdom and gifts, you’ve freed me from blocking my blessings!"

- Nini Grace (New Jersey, USA)

"For years, I had been looking for a CFO to help me plan for my retirement. As an entrepreneur, I found it difficult to keep a pulse on what I was earning and saving. After our first few meetings I had a workable plan to fund my retirement and understanding of my finances.  Now,  I am completely informed on my day to day tax liability, profit margin and expenses . Simone Craig has provided me peace of mind for my financial future and I can't thank her enough!"

- Susan Epstein (Connecticut, USA)

Are you tuning in to what I’m circulating?

TUNE IN! Compassionate collaboration, radical self-acceptance, and immersive support.

A money management plan for entrepreneurs to ensure you are profitable, paying yourself consistently and well and knowing what to put aside for taxes.

Tax planning and finding much better things to do with your resources (like grow itself quietly like a good doggie 🐶).

Bookkeeping is the first line of defense against cash leakages in your business. Keeping your books on point and your priorities in order, lean, mean, and squeaky clean.

Women driven to build—business, wealth, legacy—book me.

Need mindset meditations? Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Manifest with Simone. Your future self will thank you for all of those fine affirmations.